ITALY – The communist youth brings supplies, aid and solidarity to the immigrants in Rosarno

ITALY – The communist youth brings supplies, aid and solidarity to the immigrants in Rosarno

by root, June 20, 2016

The militants of the Front of the Communist Youth visited the tent camp of Rosarno (southern Italy) where nearly a thousand immigrants – mostly from Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria – live in extreme poverty. The camp is an outright getto of makeshift shacks, built with dumped materials and waste. The hygienic and sanitary conditions put the inhabitants of the camp at risk of infectious diseases, and many of them – e.g. a young worker with a broken wrist – need urgent medical assistance, but they can not afford the cost.

The living conditions of these immigrants are also severely affected by the decrease of the demand for labour. In fact, not all of them work, and who does serves as illegal crop-pickers in the harvest of tomatoes, olives and oranges, working more than 10 hours a day and paid on a piecework basis barely reaching 20 € per day. The immigrants are not only exploited as cheap labour-force by the big farmers and agricultural companies, but also as a businness for the local mafias that make profit through immigrant labour-force trafficking and draining the founds destined to aid refugees and immigrants via  false solidarity organizations. The immigrants are also treated with violence and disdain by their exploiters and last week a young malaysian immigrant was shot by 6 police agents inside the camp.

Along with food and clothes, the milintants of FGC brought their solidarity through a flyer, translated in english and french, with the slogan “the sweat on the skin has the same colour”, calling the italian and immigrant workers to unite against the exploiters and the imperialist policies of UE and NATO.

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