ITALY – In Turin the communist youth protests against the Regional Government in solidarity with immigrant workers

ITALY – In Turin the communist youth protests against the Regional Government in solidarity with immigrant workers

by root, June 25, 2016

On 18th June, with the slogan “the sweat on the skin has the same color”, the militants of the Front of the Communist Youth (FGC) rallied in Turin in solidarity with immigrants and refugees. The demonstration took place right outside the seat of the Regional Government of Piedmont to question the regional law, proposed by the Democratic Party and approved by the regional council few days before, that allows big farmers and agricultural companies to host inside their property the workers, mostly immigrants, employed as crop-pickers during the harvest season, also providing with public money to finance the installation of tent camps and prefabricated structures.

This measure, under the pretext of fighting the illegal hiring of immigrant workers, goes totally in favor of the big agricultural companies by facilitating the exploitation of the immigrant labour-force. In Piedmont the spread of undeclared work and illegal hiring of immigrants, especially in the agri-food sector,  is alarming. This measure, allegedly contrasting this phenomena, does not place any restriction or control over labour rights, wage conditions and working hours of the workers housed in the farms during the harvest season. In fact, the heart of the phenomenon of illegal hiring – the reduction of labour-force price far below the minimum required by law through the mechanism of subcontracting to cooperatives that hide illegal labor pockets and extreme exploitation – is not even touched by this measure.

This action was part of a Europe-wide mobilization that the CYOs in occasion of the World Refugee Day (June 20) to raise awareness on the issue of immigration. A delegation of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) was also present at the rally. The communist youth also criticized the celebrations of this anniversary organized by the institution and the “fake-left” political forces, which also in this occasion will perform in the usual parade of hypocrisy while having made themselves supporters and executors of the imperialist policies and military interventions of the EU and NATO, expression of the power of the big monopolistic capital whose interest are granted also by imposing political regimes subservient to their necessities in the countries of Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe through war, terrorism and political destabilization.

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