GREECE – Greek and immigrant workers against capitalism that gives rise to crises-wars-refugees

GREECE – Greek and immigrant workers against capitalism that gives rise to crises-wars-refugees

by root, June 27, 2016

Thousands of youths and employees after the call of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), took part in the political – cultural weekend of Greeks and Immigrants organized by the Party Organization of KKE in Attica, on the 24th and 25th of June in a popular neighborhood of Athens where thousands of immigrants live. The slogan of the event was: “Greek and immigrant workers against capitalism that gives rise to crises-wars-refugees”

The events included a central speech by a member of the Political Bureau of the CC, a panel discussion on “The European Union and refugees”, concerts, theatrical plays and dances by Greek and foreign bands and dance groups, while there was also a playground for young children of refugees, immigrant and Greek workers. Meanwhile, in the field of events Odigitis”, the organ of the CC of KNE was massively destributed, which at its parko-fix-9backcover propagandized the Joint Action of European Communist Youth Organizations and the expression of solidarity to refugees and immigrants. There were also specially designed dashboards with many photographs and texts which designate the situation,the causes of refugees, the crimes by the EU and NATO action and the policy of the Greek government and also the diverse and innovative action KKE and KNE around the problem. The events involved having their stands, migrant communities in Greece from the following countries: Georgia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Kenya, Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Bangladesh (Union of Workers), Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania. A special moment of the first day of the events was the arrival at the site of the event of immigrants and refugees from the centers located in Attica by coach. Persistent efforts of the organizations of the KKE and KNE had preceded , with special participation invitation to the thousands of refugees which due to the policy of coalition SYRIZA – ANEL and the EU remain trapped in Greece. Especially in Attica their number is estimated to exceed 15.000. With the related announcement, which is written in refugee languages, members of the Party and KNE visited the camps, inviting refugees to massively attend the events, to discuss the common cause of wars, refugees and impoverishment, and also  the way out, which is in the common struggle of all workers regardless of colour of skin, race and religion.

The capitalist system has in its DNA the crises, exploitation, poverty, wars, Migration

parko-fix-11The central speech was made by Louisa Razou, member of the Political Bureau of the CC, which noted among others: ‘The capital and their political props in each country, the international imperialist associations and alliances have an interest in fomenting, using and raising national, religious and even cultural differences between peoples to cultivate
the conditions in order to kill each other for the profits of the monopoly groups. Urban contradictions and competitions in various countries, and among them are that fuel civil wars, the so-called local and regional wars. This is why KKE insists on linking the solution and the consequences of the immigrant – refugee problem by confronting the causes that give them birth. Namely stopping the war. And if they tell us that in order to supposedly stop the war they… today make war in Syria, tomorrow in Libya, yesterday in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan,  we remind them that war is born from their “peace” and reactive constructs such as “ISIS”, the “Taliban”, the “Mpoko Haram”, the “lone wolves” are their own children, to which several of  the murderous attacks in European and American cities were imputed. The attitude of the EU, NATO, other countries,is hypocritical when they show the responsibles for the war in these organizations as if they emerged from nowhere, as if they do not express local bourgeois forces with which  they collaborated or were in rivalry, hiding that substantially below their tears over the ruins of Palmyra, is the competition of their monopolies for the exploitation and transport roads of oil and gas, for their geostrategic upgrading and empowerment.


Photo from the terrible situation that the refugees are facing in the hot-spot of Elliniko, close to Athens. According to the officials, 56.729 are the refugees and immigrants that they trapped in Greece.

The EU, NATO, US, other imperialist countries give to their war different nice and misleading adjectives to disorient, to reassure and mainly to extract the active consent of their people to their plans …

Our enemy is imperialism, monopoly capitalism, the bourgeoisie. From them and about them, Syria was flattened. For them and their profits the workers melt in front of machines,at scaffoldings, refineries, in metallurgy, computers, transport, manufacturing and services, everywhere …

On this class truth we forge the unity of the working class, working every day, tirelessly to strengthen the organization and popular struggle. To form a strong labor – popular movement with PAME and federations, unions, committees as a base which rallies, which will be fighting against the monopolies and the system of exploitation. Which will demand the satisfaction the real needs of the working – popular family. Where the demands of the workers regardless of nationality, religion, specialty, working relationship will be expressed, which will be in constant readiness and intervention alert to every employer effort to impose cemetery silence at workplaces …


KKE and KNE made a massive call to the refugees that they live now in hot-spots under very difficult conditions, in order to participate to the activities (photo from the hot-spot of Skaramagka, close to Athens).

The slogan which shocked workers’ actions over the years: “Without you a gear is not turning, worker you can do without bosses” could mark the dynamics of popular struggle, which will be met  in the direction of the overturn of monopoly power, for the working – people’s power in order to release our people from the predatory alliances of the capital, to socialize the means of production and through the nationwide central plan to utilize the productive potential, the experienced labor and scientific resources that we have, for the planned satisfaction of social needs at all areas.

It is a hard – demanding race that passes through the strengthening of the KKE, which can give direction and boost to the development of the struggle for power. Which has such a processed program, the result of many years of collective effort to draw conclusions and experience for the development of a strategy for the victory the case of the working class.

A victory which would mean the strengthening of the labor camp, until they finally get on the books of prehistoric humanity the capitalist system which has in its DNA the crises, exploitation, poverty, wars, Refugees. ”

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