ITALY – Aid and solidarity to the immigrants in Rome

ITALY – Aid and solidarity to the immigrants in Rome

by root, July 15, 2016

The militants of the Front of the Communist Youth (FGC) brought solidarity and essential goods to the immigrants


encamped just outside the former reception centre known as “Baobab”. The refugees are forced to sleep in the street insanely herded in tends because of the closure and evacuation of the centre by the authorities since it was formally considered not in order. The living conditions of those migrants are catastrophic and the institutions did not even try to propose a plausible solution or offer a decent shelter for them.


We did not brought only a tangible help made of food and clothes but mostly our warm militant support. We claimed that the migrants reception system has to be taken from the hands of criminal organizations, it has to be run and managed by the state; we reaffirmed the need to the struggle against the bear competition over the labour rights – between migrants and Italians workers – as well as the need  to build a strong opposition to the UE and NATO imperialist policies that are the real cause of migration flows.

Just class solidarity, organization and class struggle could break up this system , which forces thousands of people every day to run away from their own country in the name of the profit of the great international capital that exploits them.

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